Thursday, March 3, 2016

Some Different Car Alarms

I know how first hand how scary car theft can be. I had family heavily affected by one and the thief not only stole the car, but they destroyed it. That is why I take car security seriously and would always suggest looking into the car alarms Austin on the market.

Many people, such as my own family, never got car alarms.

This may sounds strange and foolish, but it's because many of the traditional alarms did not work properly and the thieves would still steal the car. 

These old alarms would go off if anything bumped the car, including the driver or their passengers, and many times several would go off that sounded the same in the same area, making it difficult to determine if it was yours or not.

Those alarms have improved a lot. Many connect to your mobile device via an app. These let you customize the security, including setting notifications if the arm goes off and pushing the button to find where your car is. Some even have a "panic button" which is a loud that can alert people nearby if someone tries to take the car with you near it or in it. There are also alarms where you can kill the starter or disable the motor if you are within the designated distance.

I know that as long as people have car, car theft will continue. However, the alarms on the market can make it harder for them to get away unnoticed. This should at least provide a little relief to car owners.

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